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Western Style Massage

With more than a decade of massage practice and experience, I have developed a unique style of massage which blends Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques with influences from my studies in Visceral Manipulation, Thai massage, and Polarity Therapy. Incorporating breathing techniques and simple stretches is part of my practice acquired through my time as a collegiate athlete and years of yoga practice.

Because this type of massage is practiced with the application of oils & lotions to the skin, my office provides the privacy needed for clients to change and be covered/draped by sheets and blankets. The table is comfortably outfitted with a heated table pad, and I often use a heat lamp or heating pads to further relax and soften muscles, so that the massage is both more therapeutic and feels full of release rather than pain.

Traditional Thai Massage

 Traditional Thai massage has been practiced in Thailand for over a 1,000 years. The practice is an everyday part of life within families, Buddhist practices, used by folk medicine practitioners and received by royalty. It has a long history of being an integral part of health for the people of Thailand.

Thai massage is a wonderful combination of pressing with hands, elbows, knees and feet by the practitioner, and strategic positioning of limbs and spine of the recipient to facilitate stretches that both lengthen muscles and release tension. This results in a very “active” massage that requires no effort on the recipient’s behalf. It can be very vigorous and deep for the very tense and inflexible, or modified to be gentle and effective for those needing increased range of motion in limbs and joints, and a release from pain. I often refer to this massage as the “lazy man’s yoga.” The result is an amazing calmness with a simultaneous alertness of the mind and awakening of the body. 

Please come dressed for Thai massage in loose, stretchy, comfortable clothing. I recommend a long sleeved T-shirt and sweat pants or tights, or scrubs work really well, too. This massage is perfect for those physically limited to getting onto a higher massage table (height is lower than with other types of massage), and those who would like to remain clothed during a massage.

Sonya Chu, MAOM, LicAc, LMT
Window of the Sky
2400 Mass. Ave., 2nd Floor
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Pandemic Clinic Hours

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